Claims can be denied if you fail to disclose issues.

Recently we had a customer who was getting quotes for a new home purchase. During the course of his search he was finding that many of his quotes seemed very high, so his Realtor suggested that he call COMPARITY in order to get some competing quotes. During the course of our evaluation of the property we uncovered that the home had QWEST pipes which are now illegal and excluded by almost all insurance companies. The customer informed us that the other companies had not even inquired about the pipes. Herein lies the huge problem with this scenario. Both of the quotes were provided by companies that exclude themselves from writing policies for homes with QWEST pipe. Had this not been uncovered, the unknowing customer could have signed an application that was essentially incorrect which would then allow the company to cancel the policy following an inspection or worse yet deny a claim should a problem arise. This highlights the importance of working with a thorough and knowledgeable agent that will uncover these potential pitfalls and make sure that the facts about the home are as accurate as possible.

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