What’s with the arms race?

It's not a race. Let us help you get the right coverage for the best price.
image: https://openclipart.org/user-detail/klaasvangend

We hear the commercials all the time. “fifteen minutes…” “seven minutes…” “three and half minutes…” to buy insurance. What’s with the arms race for the fastest transaction? Who does that benefit? We don’t think it’s consumers. Protecting your home, car and well being is worth more than a few minutes of your time. And the truth about those commercials is that they’re talking about how long it takes to swap your personal info for a cookie-cutter result from a standard rate estimator. Finding best price for the right coverage takes time. But it doesn’t have to take your time to find sensible choices. Call us or go online to start an application and we’ll do the shopping for you. Better still, we protect your privacy and never sell your information. With a little help from you we’ll complete a single application, go shopping at 30 carriers and present you the best 4 or 5 results along with our recommendation. We’re licensed insurance agents who are truly unbiased. We’re not biased because we’re not selling our own insurance or making sure you buy from a specific carrier. We’re compensated the same no matter which carrier and policies you choose. We’ll answer any questions you might have and connect you to your new insurance agent who will service your policy. We use a “pay if you win” approach with agencies who get a shot at your business without paying a cold lead fee. Best of all we do everything for you for free.



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