Continuing Education Credit for Flood Insurance Impacts on the Real Estate Transaction

COMPARITY is now approved by the Real Estate Board of Virginia to offer 1 hour Continuing Education Credit on flood insurance impacts on the real estate transaction.  We received notification of our eligibility from Alpha College of Real Estate, a regional resource for professional licensing.

“It’s time for buyers and sellers in our market to get smart about flood risk,” said COMPARITY President Scott Hunter. “We’re glad to see the Virginia Real Estate Board addressing it. Things aren’t doom and gloom when it comes to flooding. The message to Realtors, buyers and sellers is get educated and take action on flood risk. COMPARITY is here to help.”Screen Capture of FEMA Flood Map for Virginia Beach

Beginning May 2015 COMPARITY will offer the individual topic course on flood insurance. Individual topic courses are designed for professionals who have some of the required hours and need to fill in the rest. Individual topics are also a great way to specialize. Flood risk is vitally important in coastal Virginia. Those who understand the risk will do well. Those who ignore the risk stand to lose on their most valued asset.

COMPARITY is the first and only company in Virginia to offer this continuing education credit on flood insurance. We applied for eligibility to teach the class because we believe our mission to connect buyers and sellers includes educating them in the process.

This 1 Hour Continuing Education Credit covers:

  • How flood insurance through the federal government works
  • New FEMA flood maps and free, online tools for property assessment
  • Ways to lower your risk through mitigation

Use this form to register your interest early and we’ll notify you before classes begin:

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