Why Realtors and Mortgage Bankers Refer To COMPARITY

Why do Realtors and Mortgage Bankers refer their clients and each other to COMPARITY for homeowners insurance?

At COMPARITY, we’re asked questions like this so often that we decided to make this handy reference.

We’re a Free, Private Concierge

We are a free, private concierge for real estate agents, mortgage lenders and their clients. We know that Realtors and home buyers have a ton to do when it comes to getting into a home. When we handle the insurance everyone experiences superior service and benefits, such as:

  • Updates about insurance status, from application submission through Proof of Insurance
  • Personalized referral links that let referrers track the business they send to COMPARITY
  • On-demand consultation with an unbiased, licensed property and casualty insurance expert, including flood insurance

We Save Closings

Too often home insurance isn’t considered until late in the closing process, often not until the completion of a mortgage loan application. Waiting can wreck closings. Underwriting restrictions, which are different for every insurer, lead to sudden cost increases that put mortgages terms out of a buyer’s reach. Regular changes to underwriting restrictions, including the elimination of some offerings altogether, require more shopping. Dealing with these circumstances can easily become the source of tremendous frustration to everyone involved.

We make that frustration go away by changing the way people buy and sell insurance.

We’re Unbiased

We’re not an insurance agency or carrier. We’re insurance advocates who connect buyers and sellers so everyone wins. We are truly unbiased about which insurance is selected. We’re compensated the same by everyone. In fact, we require all our agency partners to quote identical policies so that no one can manipulate coverages in an attempt ensure the lowest bid.

Our Technology Saves Time and Maximizes Convenience

Referring to COMPARITY is easy because we understand the relationship between people and technology like no one else in the insurance industry. Our referral partners get secure, personalized links that work from their mobile smart phones and computers. COMPARITY referral links ensure that referrers and home buyers can keep track of the insurance process from beginning to end. Referral partners and clients can log in or receive notifications along the way. We’ll even post the Proof of Insurance Certificate for convenient download at closing. We make it easy for anyone to get multiple underwritten quotes through one secure, online application. We schedule virtual meetings to review side-by-side, “apples-to-apples” comparisons with a licensed, unbiased expert in about 15 minutes.

Our Service is Superior in Every Way

Some insurance agencies and other companies will tell you that they compare homeowners insurance. What that means can be confusing. A few companies provide rough estimates in exchange for contact information that they then sell to multiple agencies who will hassle home buyers. Our quotes are beyond accurate – they are already underwritten – and we protect clients’ privacy by insisting our agency partners never contact them except upon policy issuance.

All other insurance agencies who claim to compare home insurance represent a limited number of carriers and none of them represent the name brand, “captive” carriers that own 51% of the home insurance market. Only COMPARITY quotes from a list of 30+ A.M. Best Rated A or Better companies that includes Allstate, Farmers, and Nationwide.

We know it works because our policy closing rate is more than double the industry average with high overall satisfaction from everyone involved; our clients, our insurance agency partners, and our referral partners.

All of this means means Realtors’ and mortgage lenders clients are always getting the proper coverage for the best price.

Clients Will Thank You for Referring to COMPARITY

Testimonials from our referral partners and their clients speak volumes about their satisfaction with COMPARITY. Here are just a few:

My client was thrilled with the service and price, and thanked me for the recommendation! I’m so glad that he was taken care of. – Nicole Campbell, 1st Class Real Estate

COMPARITY is my ‘go to’ insurance company because they make sure my clients get the best policy for their needs. My clients rave about their experience and I will continue to recommend COMPARITY to anyone purchasing a home. – Jason E. Dodd, RE/MAX Ambassadors, Circle of Excellence

More than once COMPARITY has been the difference between closing and not closing a mortgage because the cost savings they found lowered my customers’ debt-to-income ratios. – Darren Little, Monarch Mortgage

Working with COMPARITY is awesome. They bring me more business and working with them saves me time because their applications are so well researched. – Adrienne Link, Allstate Insurance Agent

Having an expert shop insurance for me made a huge difference. COMPARITY brought me four quotes, explained the differences and saved me $1000 a year. There was no hassle. It was easy, quick and free. – Karen Murray, Satisfied Customer