Community Education: Lafayette-Winona Neighborhood, Norfolk, Virginia

Tonight we were in the Lafayette-Winona neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia to educate residents about flood risk assessment, flood insurance, and flood mitigation. Norfolk residents know too well that their home ranks with New Orleans as the U.S. city most at risk due to coastal flooding. Homeowners now want to know what they can do to protect their homes.

Norfolk Address Information Request System Flood Insurance Rate Map
Flood Insurance Rate Map for the Lafayette-Winona area of Norfolk, VA from Tan regions are at the most elevated risk of flood.

The Lafayette-Winona Civic League invited COMPARITY to present “Flood Insurance Essentials” for members and residents. The presentation provides essential information such as flood zone definitions, understanding elevation determination, and mitigation techniques that lower flood insurance.

Our mission at COMPARITY is to simplify insurance and education is a big part of that mission. We’re more than happy to help homeowners, realtors, and mortgage bankers learn about flood insurance essentials.


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“Flood Insurance Essentials” presentation


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