No one should just fall into home insurance

image: Doug McCaughan

We have this running discussion around the office that choosing insurance can be like playing Pachinko. That’s the game of chance where marbles start at the top of a machine then bounce their way randomly through a field of pins that steer the marbles into goals at the bottom.

With insurance, the goal is getting the right coverage for the best price. Pachinko pins represent underwriting questions and how you make your way through them to the goal is certainly not chance. Each carrier has their own underwriting restrictions and incentives, according to the kinds of risk they want to insure. In reality choosing insurance is a decision tree, or rather multiple, similar decision trees – one for each insurance carrier.

When you consider that a typical home insurance application has over 100 possible questions and that there are scores of top-rated insurance carriers who should be competing for everyone’s business it seems unlikely anyone can accurately, objectively compare home insurance policies.

But that’s exactly what we do at COMPARITY.

Generic Decision Tree.png
Directed paths toward established outcomes

At COMPARITY, we make it possible for insurance shoppers to navigate complexity with purpose and direction in a way that insurance carriers and insurance agencies appreciate. Buyers fill out one application for home, auto, and other insurance to access 30 A-rated carriers including Allstate, Nationwide, and Farmers that can’t be compared anywhere else. Our application covers the breadth and depth of underwriting questions for all 30 carriers and it’s smart enough to know which carriers have what restrictions. Agents and carriers don’t waste time evaluating potential customers who don’t match underwriting criteria. Our service is free for insurance shoppers while insurance carriers and agents get a “pay-if-they-win” customer acquisition model.  Carriers and agents can quote 100% of our clients and only pay lead fees to COMPARITY when they write new business through us.

At COMPARITY we don’t play games of chance with your home and auto insurance. Our mission at COMPARITY is to simplify insurance so everyone wins.


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