Dogs and Home Insurance

Did you know that dogs can have an impact on your home insurance? Many carriers have policy restrictions based on whether or not you own a dog and the breed of your dog. Some carriers place restrictions on specific”aggressive breed” dogs, often to the dismay of owners who love those breeds. Search the web and you’ll find plenty of lists like “Top 5 most aggressive breeds” and “10 dog breeds that will raise your insurance rates”.


Google results for aggressive breed dogs
Danger is in the eye of the insurer

At Comparity we take a different approach to home insurance when it comes to dogs because, rest assured, there is an insurance carrier out there who will be glad to cover your home no matter what kind of dog you own. That’s why coming to Comparity for your home insurance option is the best decision. With access to more carriers than anyone in the business we can find the carrier who loves your dog breed just as much as you do!

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