Shopping for Insurance in the Future

How you will shop for insurance in the future:

You: “Alexa, I want to shop for home and auto insurance.”

Alexa: “Ok. Since this is the first time I’ve done this for you, you’ll need to gather a few things. Are you ready to get started?

You: “Yep.”

Alexa: “take your phone to your filing cabinet and get out your current home and auto policies, social security cards, and drivers licenses so you can show them to me.”

You: “Hold on. That’s sensitive info. What are you doing with it and how will I know it’s safe?”

Alexa: “I’m glad you asked. Home and auto insurance are based on your credit, driving record, and claims history. Insurers use the info to verify your identity when accessing those records. I encrypt the data as soon as you give it to me and send it over a network that encrypts my encryption. If I have to store the information you give me then it’s always encrypted and I erase it after I’m done with it.”

You: “Ok. I can get you the policies and social security cards but I don’t have everyone’s drivers license right now.”

Alexa: “No problem. Show me your drivers license if you have it and I’ll ask the others when they come home.”

Youshows Alexa the info using the camera on your phone.

Alexa: “Got it. Ok. We’re insuring this house and your current cars, right?”

You: “That’s right.”

Alexa: “Great. I have almost everything I need. I’ll get the other two drivers license numbers and shop for your insurance. I’ll let you know when I have results. Do you want to know about each result as I find it, all results at once, or both?”

You: “Let me know when you get the other drivers license numbers and when you have at least 3 results.”

Alexa: “Ok.”

Alexa: “Welcome home from school, Jane. We’re shopping for auto insurance and I need your drivers license number. Can you show me your license with your smart phone?”

Janetexts you “Hey, Alexa just asked for my driver’s license number for insurance. Is that right?”

You: “Yes. It’s safe to give it. Thanks for checking.”

Jane: “Alexa, here’s my drivers license.” shows drivers license to Alexa

Alexa: “Hi, Joan. Hope you had a good day at work. We’re shopping for insurance and I need your drivers license number. Can you show me your drivers license with your phone?”

Joan: “Yep. One sec.” shows drivers license to Alexa

Alexa: “Ok, I have everything I need to shop for insurance. I’ll let you know when I have at least 3 quotes to compare.”

Alexa: “Great news. I have insurance quotes for you to compare. Would you like me to put them on the TV so you can take a look?”

You: “Yes, please.”

Alexa: puts comparison on TV “Ok. Your comparison is up on the TV now.”

Alexa: “Do you see any you want to buy?”

You: “I think so, but I’m not sure why XYZ Agency only quoted $50K less than everyone else on dwelling coverage.”

Alexa: “Would you like to contact the agent yourself or would you like me to do it for you?”

You: “Would you mind?”

Alexa: “Not at all.” Calls agent, no answer, leaves voice mail. Sends email.

Alexa: “I called the agent and left a voice mail. I also sent an email. I let you know when I get an answer”

You: “Please also let me know if you don’t get an answer by this time tomorrow.”

Alexa: “I heard from the agent at XYZ Agency. He said it was based on their rebuild cost estimate of $125 sq/ft. Are you ready to buy insurance?”

You: “Yes. I’ll go with ABC Agency.”

Alexa: “Ok. I’ll let them know you want to bind the policy. Your new service agent will contact you next.”

You: “Thanks, Alexa.”

Alexa: “My pleasure.”