One-click to shop for home insurance

Comparity simplifies home insurance for LendingQB lenders and their clients.

Comparity is LendingQB’s official partner for home insurance. We’re integrated with LendingQB’s loan origination software to make it easy for lenders to help their clients buy home insurance and keep track of necessary insurance documentation for their closings.

Send email to to request the Comparity home insurance integration.

Licensed in 50 States

We reached another important milestone last Friday: Comparity is a licensed insurance producer in all 50 states.

Now our technology can be used by insurance shoppers to compare options and buy insurance from any agency in the country. Our technology gives both buyers and sellers the “shopping cart” and “buy button” they’ve always wanted but could never have until we came along.

Insurance agencies who join our network receive completed insurance applications to quote for free. We receive a fee only for each new policy acquired using our technology. Both independent and exclusive carrier agencies can participate.

We are actively seeking new agencies to join our network in all 50 states, and especially in California, Florida, Georgia, and Oregon.

If you are an insurance agency owner or principal and would like to download our presentation to learn more please click here.

We Turn 3 Tomorrow!

We’re celebrating our 3rd birthday a little early. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the support of so many people; our clients, affiliates, investors and advisors. But most of all we couldn’t do it without our excellent team!


Teaming Up with Heather Todd, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group


We are grateful for the opportunity to team with Heather Todd from Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group to bring our Flood Insurance for Realtors continuing education course to AtCoastal Realty today!

Homeowners Insurance…Compared to What?

Comparing Homeowners Insurance Without COMPARITY

Mike L. in Connecticut just sent us this picture of the worksheet he made for comparing homeowners insurance where he lives. We’re not yet serving Connecticut but we’re coming!

Comparing Homeowners Insurance Without COMPARITY
What it’s like to compare homeowners insurance without COMPARITY
Here’s what Mike and other homeowners in Connecticut and everywhere deserve when it comes to comparing their home, auto, and other property and casualty insurance:

Home and Auto Insurance Comparison Sample Collapsed View Home Insurance Comparison Expanded View

Compare now in Virginia

We’re at the REAL SHOW

HRRA Chili Cookoff and Tailgate Party

We’re bringing our A-game to the Hampton Roads Realtors’ Association’s annual Chili Cook-off and Tailgate Party next Friday, September 19.